Tuesday, May 04, 2010


jesse winchester said...

Hi Juyon!
Its your old classmate, Jesse, from Sheridan!
Hey you artwork looks awesome! Lovely characters. I really love your cards, "Smooches & Inspire Me" & the "Congrats Card".
Great to see your artwork.

Cheers from Vancouver

Lubomir said...

Hey, Juyon! I really like your banner!

Thanks for the support!

jesse winchester said...

Hey Juyon,
All is well. Great to hear from you too. Time flies huh? Its been 7 years though, hasnt it? We graduated 2003 right?

No complaints on my end. I draw/paint all day every day and married a really wonderful lady. As good as life is I do miss the Sheridan days sometimes. We were certainly surrounded by a ton of really amazing people.

Anyways, I wish you lots of inspiration and laughter.