Thursday, May 13, 2010

you are a fashionista!

An old lady i saw in a subway train. Red framed sunglasses, a bright yellow fancy coat, and a skirt... she looked SO awsome! I'm glad i had my sketchbook with me. As soon as i got home, i took out water colour to paint it. Enjoy~ ^^


Jouchul(Joochel) said...

Hi Juyon sis!!!

hmm... I would say it's not that good as I thought !!!!

Just kidding!!!

It's great work u drew old lady in a subway, and u point out very nicely that ppl can easily picture it! awsome!!

JUYON PARK said...

lol, thanks Jouchul! ^^

chris chua said...

Wonderful observation! It's always great when you can see someone interesting, put it in your sketchbook and have it there forever! Keep up the great work!!

JUYON PARK said...

thanks, Chris!!! love your sketches!

nickwatson said...

really nice's fun to sit and ppl watch and then try and capture it!